Arent Fox Law Offices

Location: Washington, DC
Client: Clark Construction Group
Architect: Studios Architecture

Washington is a city that is known for the many high-end law firms that call it home. These offices are often very challenging to interiors contractors, and the Arent Fox offices at 1000 Connecticut Avenue, NW were among the most challenging Manganaro has seen. The 280,000 square foot build-out presented Manganaro craft workers with some truly memorable opportunities to shine.

The most difficult and unique feature of the space was the framing, hanging and finishing of the nine, case room “pods”. These stand-alone rooms, whose walls are both curved and canted, were laid-out and framed in the field from standard steel studs. Layout and framing these walls in 3 dimensions was difficult enough, but getting a quality level 5 finish was also a major accomplishment. Other walls in the space carried the curved motif. They must be seen to be appreciated.

In addition to the unusual wall structures, Manganaro craftspeople also installed several thousand square feet of specialty ceiling products, including custom wood and stainless steel ceiling panels. Manganaro’s team coordinated the wood panel ceilings with the millwork sub, who installed the matching wall panels. Five thousand square feet of specialty ceilings with custom reveals required extremely precise measurement and craftsmanship to properly complete. Properly preparing the areas, and managing the coordination to accommodate the long lead times of the ceiling products meant working very closely with other trades.

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