The Dalton

Location: Alexandria, Virginia
Client: Clark Construction Group
Architect: SK&I

Located in Old Town Alexandria, The Dalton is a 14 story apartment building that houses 270 apartment units and 1,500 SF of retail.  Manganaro Midatlantic, LLC was awarded both the masonry scope and the drywall package for the new building.  The masonry scope included installation of over 450,000 engineer size brick in 3 distinct colors.   The façade is accented with more than 4,400 custom cast stone pieces, including sills and heads at the windows, decorative bands and cornice pieces.  At the ground floor, radiused brick window heads help give the building a traditional look.  These features added interest, as well as significant complexity, to the elevation.  In addition, the parking garage and back of house areas added 42,000 pieces of concrete block to the scope of work. Masonry construction began in September of 2016 and was completed in December of 2017.

Probably the most challenging feature of this project was the design and erection of a custom-built scaffold system to allow construction of the unique, mansard roof at the top of the tower.  Due to the fact that the roof line started more than 14 stories above the ground, and curved away from the façade of the building, getting access for the installation of the roofing was very difficult.  Even though Manganaro was not the roofing contractor, we worked closely with the general contractor, scaffold supplier and other subcontractors to devise a one-of-a-kind system that allowed for the installation of the roof, assuring the safety of the workers and saving the contracting team significant time and money.

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