Museum of the Bible

In addition to Manganaro Midatlantic’s award-winning specializations, which include drywall & acoustical ceiling work, the Museum of the Bible Project demanded a greater encompassing of project scope items that are otherwise not seen in other commercial buildings. These scope items include the following:

This job was built with the idea of absorbing and blocking all sounds at its surroundings, which proved to be an interesting task. Manganaro’s close attention to detail went hand-in-hand with the rigorous assignment of coordinating between trades and managing vendors to the client’s expectations. The isolated ceilings were engineered for optimal performance, which in itself required constant communication due to changes to the project, along with constructability issues that occurred. The acoustical engineered ceilings also required an extensive amount of pre-planning work; this product was custom made with a high-level of precision, which pushes Manganaro to try and foresee any issues that may arise prior to receiving the material. The fabric wrapped ceiling panels highlighted Manganaro’s ability to modify finished products with a keen eye to detail. Panels were adjusted to work around all penetrations, all while noticing how the product interacts with any malleability.

Baswaphon Acoustical Plaster reduces significant reverberation, and is made of a mineral fiber which is then hand-troweled with a micro-porous coating. Baswaphon is rapidly expanding in the Architectural world, and Manganaro is pleased to say that we have successfully completed the biggest Baswaphon job in the nation. Given our extensive experience in finishing products, installing Baswaphon seemed like a very feasible achievement in our long list of specialties.

Apart from the sound aspect, the museum needed to incorporate certain products for convenience and safety. Suspended decorative grid, which in this case was strut channel, was installed throughout the building to account for all the loads and items that would be attached from the ceiling. The assembly of the strut channels includes threaded rods, metal attachments & engineered shop drawings to form a ceiling-mounted structure. For any anticipated areas with a larger segmented load, pictures rails were installed to provide up to a 220 pound item. Ballistic fiberglass panels were placed strategically placed to avoid a variety of threats.

Moving over to more of an aesthetic presentation, Venetian plaster was also included in our scope for this project. Venetian plastering consists of applying multiple layers of a hand-troweled plaster mixed with marble duct to create a marble-like finish.

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